Fairy Tales and alternative Fairy Tales: More than one side of the story


Fairy tale  a tradition form of short narrative folklore, originally transmitted orally, which feature supernatural character such as witches, giant, fairies , dragons with human personalities…  (Literature, Fiction x.j.kennedy Danagia ) this is one of the most antique  for of expression in the word .  The Fairy tale are create to teach something to us in one case they can  show us modal how to treat the other person or to be a good person.  I am sure that you have hear about “Rapunzel , “Cinderella , or the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”  maybe  you hear the version of  Walt Disney  maybe you thing that this version are the original .  The truth is than that type of version is a pink adaptation of the original one creates by the Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm create about 150 year ago.   Some of the Wald Disney  version in contrast with the brother Grimm version are empty and teach to the kids how to be empty and  only live with appearance.  When we see the modern version of this story we can see power of social roll over us .  They to coerce us with the idea of the happy live and how finder them and lose the literature aspect how make the original  interesting , and unique.   Some of the  new versions lost the purpose of the fairy tale that is to teach us the moral they only base in the Perfect couple the princes and the prince.  We can’t live happy ever after without the perfect princes, or the perfect prince  because we need them to fill our live . But no all of the new version lost the teach a example of this is the Babette Cole read Princess Smartypant  that present a good example of a good a meaningful fairy tale.The version of the brother grim have power and feeling and give joy when you read them for that reason this is one of  my favorite version of fairy tale like Rapunzel , and Snow white and the Seven Dwarves. .

I remember when I was a kid…  I see the modern movies of this fairy tales the version  of the Walt Disney .  Some time I fell bad because I thing that a never go to live a happy live because I  am not a enchanted prince with a golden  armor that fight with dragon a evil witches, in the real live you no have that kind of battle.  Them with the pass of the year I realize that the live consist in other kind of battles  and every day that you live is your own happy ever after and the morale that try to shows the fairy tale  are the guidance to defeat are own evil dragons and live happy and ever after.  I hope that the fairy tale don’t miss they meaning with the pass of the time and continue in the future…


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