Analyze the poem “The red wheelbarrow” by Williams Carlos Williams

The red Wheelbarrow

so much depends upon

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

We all think about the poetry like the love language but with lose the perspective that the poetry is a direct form of expression that can be use for anything    For example in this poem the author use a ordinary tool to create a piece of art in his poem. Making us feel the importance of the wheelbarrow. This poem don’t have a lot of verse but when you analyze the author force you to create you our poem about the wheelbarrow because you gone to search why the wheelbarrow a ordinary tool is so important to be the protagonist in a poem. The poetry give us the opportunity to create art with ordinary think that we never imagine, that is other idea that the author of this poem teach to us. With the most imaginable object with can create and unique piece of literature. Is depend of us to be creative and give live  to our simplest ideas . We can compare the red wheelbarrow with the live because is red symbolize the live and is a tool that men hard work to live .


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