Pick a Poem ‘White Lies” by Natasha Tretheway

The lies I could tell,

when I was growing up

light-bright, near-white,

high-yellow, red-boned

in a black place,

were just white lies.

I could easily tell the white folks

that we lived uptown,

not in that pink and green

shanty-fied shotgun section

along the tracks. I could act

like my homemade dresses

came straight out of the window

of Maison Blanche. I could even

keep quiet, quiet as I kept,

like the time a white girl said

(squeezing my hand), Now

we have three of us in the class.

But I paid for every time

Mama find out.

She laid her hands on me,

then washed on my mouth

with ivory soap. This

is to purified, she said,

and cleanse your lying tongue.

Believing her, I swallowed suds

Thinking they’d work

From the inside out.


The poem is the reflection of the live and experience of the author.  In  this poem we can Observe how the color interact with what the author want to says to the reader  the imagery of the vivid color give us the idea of the racism.The author is a black women that studies in a school that are a few person of color and every time that someone do anything bad she was the responsible.  I like this poem because present a thematic  that we thin in this days that is dead but the true is that in this modern time the racism still exist in more way that we imagine. We have to forgot about  the  stereotype that the society teach to us, and make a society of equal rights. We have to remember that we all human being and all of us are important.


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