Prompt Number 3

Prompt Number 3

The saying “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down” is a Japanese saying used to encourage conformity.  In its original language it is written in the following manner.  Deru kugi wa utareru”  (Everything2, 2011).

This can be see in  the character Jack Smutch of the story the greatest men in the word because he accomplish a unique mission, Flight around the word without stop  he could have the advantage of that and work  hard to be a better person and hero that the media of their time can write about him something awesome  in the future he prefers to no take the chance and to no change a continue his pact of bad conduct this path is more easy thing to do for him .

In the case of Miss Emily and Miss Brill the end of this two character could be different but in that time the women don’t have the same liberties and right that they have in  this days. This two women live in a harsh time for them because the women by themselves are useless to the society and this situation force one of the character Miss Emily to live in the shadow of her father obey all the order commanded by him. The form that the society educates the women for be a simple wife that maintain the house and take care the children nothing else this society don’t want women that think by themselves and try to  study or be someone in the society This  is the reason that this to women has the final that they got. But if we think his they have the opportunities of have a men the story maybe will be different in fact I think that this is false .   Because if their have husband they gone to follow their other and has to conform with that .This two women with husband and child they gone a be a simple family wife not  different of other family of the historic moment a women  that take care of the kid and maintain the house without aspiration and desire because this is what the society want.


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