Prompt Numeber 1

Prompt Number 1 – “Greatest Man in the World” and “A&P”

Existentialism is a philosophy developed by Jean-Paul Sartre.  How does existentialist philosophy help us to understand the actions of Jack Smurch and Sammy?

Some times that the persons feel the desire of the freedom and the right of take their own dentition about their live. But every decision that they makes has their consequences. An insignificant decision sometime haves big ugly consequences. In these two stories the authors present to the reader these two faces of the coin. In one story the decision cost the lives of the men in other only cost the job of a young boy. The existentialism talk about the radical freedom that faces every human being, we must become responsible for every dentition that we make such freedom for some people to handle.  In the story “The Greatest mMen in the World” the character Jack Smurch use their freedom to take choice of travel around the world  wihout stomping a second-hand, single-motored Bresthaven Dragon-Fly III monoplane hi accept the risk of that mission. They take to a lot of bad dentition that in the future affect him like  knifed the principal of his high school,  stole the car of the young reporter that try to say the true , this chain of bad decisions  in the final cost they live.  In the second story     A & P is about a young boy that fights with their boss to protect a girds. Well this boy take they decision he want to be notice to the girl and want to give an impression they take a series of choice that end with their job. The existentialism is a theory that I accept and I now that is true because understand the existentialism help us to understand better the live and this two story because we can feel us inside the action of the story and understand the feeling of the character and how their decision influence the chain of event, Some time with don’t like their decision but we can understand them and in this form we can enjoin the story that we see or read.


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